Want to run 1 km, 5 km, 10 km, 21km or even a Marathon?


These packages would suit runners who wish to take on a new challenge or event with the guidance, knowledge and support from passionate coaches. It’s also for committed runners who are aiming to improve their personal bests.


  • Initial interview – to discuss your event, goals, commitment and availability
  • Assessment – your running history, simple tests to assess strengths & weaknesses to produce your strength program
  • Preparation – gear including clothing, shoes, watch/strava, nutrition basics, warm-up and cool-down guides, mindset
  • Training Program guide – overall (8-16)week block of scheduled training sessions so you can plan ahead (this will be a guide and then personalised each week)
  • 1:1 PT session to go through your Strength program


  • Custom made weekly plans – including runs (time/distance/pace/tips) plus cross-training, strength and rest days. These can also be adjusted from run to run according to feedback from previous session
  • Strength program – a personal strength program suited to your strengths & weaknesses to improve speed/power/endurance and remain injury free
  • Fuel & Hydration guidance, particularly for endurance events
  • Unlimited Coach Support – via face to face, message, messenger or email
  • Regular check-ins and feedback on training sessions, via strava/garmin or message/messenger


  • Includes ALL of package 1 PLUS:
  • Unlimited SunRunner training sessions
  • Unlimited Balance Membership
  • Discounts on Balance merchandise and upcoming events


  • Includes ALL of above packages PLUS the the addition of a 45min 1:1 RUN or PT session per week. You can have your COACH run with you or have a TRAINER in the Studio instruct your strength session – EVERY WEEK

Adding this to your package will provide you with extra support and keep you more accountable. Not to mention gaining invaluable knowledge about training for future events.

Whatever package YOU choose for YOU – we will be there every step of the way. You will follow a structured plan which takes the guesswork out! Invest in yourself and we’ll help you achieve the outcome you dream of. Does this excite you….YES! Does it scare you…it should!

Contact us today to start your journey!